The Day of Pentecost  

The link below will take you directly to the special Holy Trinity Pentecost Sunday Service video, filmed on Tuesday, May 26, in the church building.  In order to play it, click the link and when the screen pops up, click the arrow button on the bottom left.    In order to view it full screen you will see a small icon on the bottom, far right.   Click on that and the service will go to a full screen view.   


Given that this is a “live link”, your internet speed and number of users on it will potentially impact the ability to play the video.  If you are having trouble and want to download the video, scroll below the video (before it plays) and you can download it directly to your computer.   It will take about 10 minutes at the most to download but you will then be able to play it without any interruption. 

The link is:


If you have significant issues and cannot seem to access the link either on your computer, tablet or phone (and it should work on any of these devices), feel free to text or call Jenn Young at 561-301-2100 and hopefully she or Monte can help. 

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